Re: Manny rumors

Dave Bismo venit, vidit, et dixit:


I will say, however, that if one of these three things is true (and I
don't know that any are), then I could totally see why they might want
to or have to trade Manny: (a) if he really did quit on the team with
a minor injury; (b) if the injury was serious and will be a chronic
concern in the future; or (c) he really is disrupting the clubhouse by
aggressively demanding a trade for the umpteenth time.

*nods* I agree with your assessment: any or all of the above being
true would not mean the Sox would HAVE to trade Ramirez, but I could
understand why their being true might make the Sox WANT to trade him.

Also, while I'd prefer to keep Manny, I'm open to the possibility that
a trade and the ensuing moves could make the team as good or better,
even in 2007. We just don't know who they'll get back, how much
they'll have left to get other players, and so forth. But either way,
I just wish we had more of an idea as to what's going on, and what the
plan is. I guess we all just need to be patient.

*nods* Selfishly, personally, I want the Sox to keep Ramirez. I like
(what I perceive to be) his boyish geniality, his consistent excellence
as a hitter; I also like how his success flies in the face of the sorts
of people who can't imagine a long-haired goofball's succeeding in
sports. (Remember all those posts in 2003 and 2004 about how the Sox
would never beat the Yankees because the Yankees cared about short
hair, how a team that had fun and didn't give a damn about the length
of its haircuts could never beat a team that was so focussed on looking
like residents like residents of Camazotz? Made it all the more fun...)

Still, I like the Red Sox more than Manny Ramirez. If the Sox can be
a better team without him, then I'm all for exploring trade options.
And I do think it's possible (because of things like defense) that the
Sox can make a trade for a lesser hitter (for instance) and still come
out ahead on the deal. Or not -- they definitely could screw things
up. Still, no sense in getting upset about things until we know what
the Sox are actually asking for, and all the possibilities I've seen so
far have been ones suggested by other teams and/or fans (i.e., no big

Catch you later.
--Robert Machemer

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