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9 ... until the greatest franchise in sports history wins ANOTHER

The Celtics haven't begun their season yet.

1986 was a long time ago, dude. And, lemme see, since the Celtics last
won anything, the Bulls have won six times, the Lakers five, the
Pistons three times, the Spurs three times, and the Rockets twice.
Doesn't say much for the Celtic "mystique"; nor would another 33-49
season. (And the Lakers will eventually overtake the Celtics
championship total, anyway.)

Even then, the NBA is a joke (it isn't even real basketball), and the
mighty Lakers and Celtics combined are a tiny blip next to the
preeminence the Yankees represent in American culture.

Have the Yanks ever won 8 straight? Didn't think so.

Heck, the Red Sox haven't even won eight.


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