Re: Think they'll get the Wildcard?

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BadgerBC wrote:

Well if you go by BP playoff odds (which appears to be what Wilbur is
using here), wild card chance is about three times greater than
division title. However, as the cliche goes that's why they play the
game. If the Sox can cut the lead to 6 games by next week, anything
goes IMHO. You have to remember the Yanks were down 4 games on Sep.10
last year. The Sox will get their chance on Sep.15-17 but more
importantly they have to sweep the Twins in the following series and
hope the Tigers pummel the ChiSox from Sep.19-21. That's why while
the odds are still tough, it's not hopeless since the Sox will get
some shots head-to-head.

Whoever the winner of the Wild Card is, they deserve it. If the Red
Sox can't complete their race for the Wild Card, I want the Twins to
win it. The White Sox have been there last year (plus I think that
Ozzie Guillen is a punk).


10-15 leaves the Yankees 92-70
18-5 gives the RS 93-69

So winning the division isn't likely.

Wild Card is pretty tough too since you are down 7 games in the lost

So if the Twins go 10-15 in their final 25 games,
the RS would need to go 15-8 in their final 23 games.

Again, not impossible but highly unlikely given the state of the
pitching staff. The Twins/ChiSox games will not help Boston at all since
both teams have the same record.
All you can do at this point is just enjoy the final 23 games of the

Not impossible, but they'd have to catch fire with a ragtag pitching staff
and an extremely anemic offense.