Re: In the Last 15 games vrs A.L.Teams

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On 16 Jul 2006 22:52:16 -0700, "Gnork" <gnork@xxxxxxxxx> quacked:

Things would look better if they hadn't traded away the cream of the
farm system for a pitcher with a 5+ ERA.

That is the point. People talk about how decent Lowell is doing, but
the RS could have gotten Lowell for free, maybe with a prospect if
they were a bit creative to avoid bad appearances. We lost what we
thought was the SS of the future for a pitcher who goes from really
good to really bad and back without any apparent reason.

Can you imagine how people would have reacted if they had actually gone
after Lowell as a prime target...with Youks ready to inherit third? That
would have been unreal:-)

No, they completely lucked out with Lowell. It was a reasonable gamble that
has paid excellent dividends, but a gamble nonetheless. So was the other
part of the deal. I'm sure they were aware that Beckett was not an absolute
slam dunk or they would have reupped him immediately in the same fashion as
when Pedro was brought here in a similar fashion. The fact that Theo came
right out and called this year with Beckett "dating" would indicate

Some speculate that he is tipping his pitches. Perhaps, with only some
teams haveing the keys. But the season will be a problem if Beckett
does not get consistently good.

I think it may be as simple as Beckett being overly cocky, thinking he can
simply overpower people as he has been able to at times, even now. He has
to learn to *pitch*...and learn humility, mature some and he should "get it"
eventually...I hope.