Re: Beanball leaves Beantown

On 27 Mar 2006 07:39:29 -0800, "Gnork" <gnork@xxxxxxxxx> quacked:

DonFromBarre@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Oceanview says:
<<Getting hit at 85mph is different than 95. >>

Having never been hit by a pitch at either speed I can't swear to this
but what you say sounds a lot like saying 30 below zero is different
that 40 below. <G>

It makes a big difference. Getting hit by a curveball doesn't really
hurt. I got hit in the ribs once by a pretty good fastball, probably in
the 80 to 85 range and the imprint of the stitches from the ball were
visible on my left side for close to a week. At 95 it would be worse I
am sure.

It would be worse, or course, but I have no idea how much worse. The
bigger difference is that the 95 guy would be harder to take on your
fat (or well-conditioned --- no insult intended) backside b/c you'd
have less time to turn, etc.