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<snip rehash which I already addressed that I might have misunderstood

So here, let me explain it to you as slowly as I think you'll be able to

"Look, the issue is simple.........there wouldn't be an issue if they
protested peacefully. This is only an issue because that acting that
the uncivilized hotheads that they are."

The people who are protesting by destroying property and hurting others
who had nothing to do with the cartoon are acting totally uncivilized
hotheads, and so there's nothing about what they're doing that requires
any *understanding*.

Well, consdescention noted,

After your unproviked attacks of me due to your prejudice, you're lucky it was only condesention.

and I am saying that there is
*understanding* required. Why? Because the issue is not simple...and
what you consider to be uncivilized hothead behaviour they consider an
appropriate action.

Every meathead who commits uncivilized acts thinks it's appropriate, and so to claim that they need understanding for having committed these acts is ludicrous. Hypocrisy is hypocrisy, no matter how you dress it up. And what's more, burning the property of those who have had no complicity in that about which they complain simply isn't right, and no good is ever served by excusing unethical behavior.

Do I think they are justified in this reaction?
Nope. But

There's always a but, isn't there. Well, there shouldn't be. No buts. They're simply wrong and malicious.

I am also viewing it from the comfort of my Western
lifestyle, beliefs and values.

And so am I. And any value system that allows for the destruction of property of those who did nothing to offend anyone, and allows the infliction of harm on those whose only mistake is to be of the same nationality as those who might have done something offensive is a bad value system. What's more, those same people who you claim have a value system which allows this obviously do not, or they'd understand what they perceive is the persecution of many Arabs or Muslims for the transgression of just a few.

Your argument collapses of its own weight.

The idea that wrong is wrong, but it should be excused because it could be right if viewed differently is nonsense.

I posted a link to an article that
gives some background about one of the factors that may contribute to a
reaction of violence, perhaps not specifically in this case, but in the
region as a whole. I am going to leave the rest of the homework to
you...and probably to be unfinished.

Just more of your prejudicial arrogance. Homework? So anyone who disagrees with you just doesn't know better? LOL! You're making a fool of yourself.

I'd be much more sympathetic of their cause if
they acted civilized and peacefully and if they also displayed some type
of outrage at the taking and brutal killing if innocent civilians.

Let me go real slow in case I miss some hidden meaning here...

If there were any hidden meanings in what I said, you'd miss them all anyway, which is why I speak plainly. There's nothing to read into what I say, your attempts to do so notwithstanding.

*IF* you
are saying these people don't show outrage at the taking and brutal
killing of innocent civilians...I would say you should be careful with
the generalizations because in many people's minds (there, and here in
the Western world) the United States (who happen to be the face of the
Western world for many people...a position the US has put themselves in
with their actions and policies historically) has been guilty of more
than their fair share of taking and brutal killing of innocent citizens
over the years.

More bullshit. You gave yourself away when you said that the US is the face of the western world to many. You're so accepting of prejudicial behavior such as that because it's part of your value system. That's why you said "people such as you" and launched canned responses to what you thought I said instead of what I actually said. You think anyone who disagrees with you must all think alike, and so you really don't have to bother to read what they actually say. How pathetic.

And now you're saying that it's OK to subscribe to the notion that two wrongs make a right. It's OK for others to take out their frustrations on the US because after all, the US isn't lily pure either, is that it? If not, then you comment above is irrelevant.

If you think what I said was something different than that, at least
have the balls to say so.

I did. Does your chest hurt when you puff it out like that?

In that last post of yours, you said you didn't misunderstand that portion of what I said, and simply reposted it as though there was something inherently and obviously wrong with it. Like I said, no balls.