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Lowell has been the best defensive 3B in the NL the last 2 years. He
will not be playing 1B.

Hopefully he won't be playing 3B either.

Drumroll and thank you. Except you dunderheadedly omitted "for Boston".

I would ask for proof of his "best defensive 3B" as well. This year he
ranked 6th among the 9 full time qualifiers at 3rd in ZR. Expanded to
include all with 65 or more games there he was 12th of 16. Excuse me
for not being convinced.


This trade was for Beckett.  Lowell is simply a throw-in that Florida
was stapling on to any deal involving Beckett.  If - a big if - Boston
gets a 20 hr, 75 rbi, good glove season out of him, it's a bonus.  Rest
assured, the success of this deal hinges on the right arm of Beckett.

If, for example, Boston gets .290, 30 hr, 100 rbi out of Lowell but
7-11, 4.65 era, and 3 trips to the DL from Beckett, Sox brass, deep
down, won't really be thrilled with the trade.

John, you nattering nudnik,

What you are not thinking about is if Lowell is anywhere near as bad as
last year and if the Red Sox are stupid enough to play him regularly
despite that badness, the damage Lowell does to the team could easily
exceed the positive Beckett will bring. Very easily considering Beckett
has never exceeded 179 innings in a season. If Beckett brings an extra
3 wins over and above what they could have had without him and Lowell
causes an extra 4 losses, what have they gained other than lots of
salary? They should be trying to trade Lowell right now and offering to
pay half his salary or take on another big salary with a greater
probability of success. I have a deal in mind, but I want to see what
happens with J.D. and M.R. first.

Gnork, I am curious to what you have in mind so let me pose the following situations to you and see what you are thinking of..

1.  Red Sox Sign JD and KEEP MR

2.  Red Sox do not sign JD and KEEP MR

3.  Red Sox sign JD and Trade MR (I will say for 3 high level prospects
so I dont block any positions you are thinking about)

4. Red Sox do not sign JD and Trade MR for 3 high level prospects

I am not "thinking" that any one of those four will happen. I am
thinking that I need to wait and see what does happen. My preference
always has been to keep both of them. If someone must be overpaid, let
it be someone who has produced for the team in the past and not two
stiffs (Renteria and Lowell) brought in from the outside. I find that

I agree. I want both Manny and Damon to stay. I do not want Damon for anything more than 4 years though. I do not mind overpaying players so much if they are overpaid for a short period of time. This is why I do not so much mind overpaying Lowell for now (heck..half his salary went to BK Kim last season). The way the FA market is going this year, if Lowell returns to his 2004 stats I would be happy.

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