Re: OT Oakland

Lee Harris wrote:
> What they have done is really remarkable, they've won 26 of the last 32
> games, and you would not put it past them to be the wild card or even win
> the AL West now - amazing. I doubt many people saw that coming this year at
> least

Somebody posted on the Oakland A's newsgroup about 5 or 6 weeks ago
just as their run was starting, that the A's were 300-1 to win the

I had just finished reading Moneyball, and I actually thought the
genius that is Billy Beane could turn it around. After all he had
masterminded the two best post All-Star second half seasons in history.
My only reservation was their inability to get over the ALDS hurdle.

I wishing now I'd placed that bet while they were 300-1.


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