Time to stock up....

Looks like smoking will be banned here in New Zealand pretty soon. At
the moment there are tax hikes of 10% on cigarettes and all other
types of tobacco products every year, and by 2016 the government will
raise taxes so that 30g of cigarette rolling tobacco will cost $40NZD
(or $31 USD). The Ministry of Health has recommended that a packet of
20 cigarettes cost $100NZD by 2020 (or $78USD).

The government in all its wisdom of course doesn't differentiate
between cigarettes, cigars or pipe tobacco so the taxes are across the
board. Also they are considering packaging all tobacco in olive green,
but are waiting the outcome of a legal intellectual property challenge
by tobacco companies in Australia before doing so.

So add some more pounds to your cellars gentlemen before it's too
late. If you want a read here's a link: