SAT. 6/23 morning smokes

morning greets from 64, sunny Western NY. Internet was down when I
tried to post earlier. Back from usual 2-mile "dog walks me", Duque
7x50 for added company. Now hot cocoa (don't do coffee) at this desk,
DGT '05 CrownAchievement in LaughingBacchus meer waiting in back room.
Soon to take dog to Vet for annual checkup & booster innoculations.
Later after feeding the Ed, '06 BayouNight in SerJac Maxima 1/8 bent
bulldog while finish reading the paper. Nothing planned for the day
unless wifie feels up to supervising some yard work. Hope all enjoying
the weekend so far.

Ed Duncan, Batavia, NY
pipe/cigar since '62