AD: Four new Le Nuvole pipes

Hallo All ,
I've just added four new pipes on my website

I've spent my last month and half working for some Cumberland/Ebonite
mouthpieces. I really, really like the complete hand made work to
obtain a mouthpiece directly by the rod, so I decided mostly of my
next pipes will mount Cumberland/Ebonite mouthpieces.

Two of the new pipes I present today have this kind of mouthpieces:
Smooth 1- Chubby/Poker in medium dimensions with Cumberland
Smooth 8 - Clear Straight grain Bent in medium/large dimensions.
Acrylic mouthpiece.
Smooth 14 - Small/medium dimension Horn with a Boxwood band. Acrylic
Sandblast 1 - Light in weight Lovat/Pear in small/medium size with a
Cumberland mouthpiece.

You can directly see all of them with a click on "Pipe Catalogue"
of the Home page menu.

I won't be present to the upcoming Chicago Show, but you could get a
look to a first rate selection of my pipes on Neatpipes (Luca di
Piazza) & Qualitybriar (Nick Miller) desks.

Impressions, critics and suggestions are welcome.
Happypipesmoking Maurizio

Maurizio Tombari "Le Nuvole"
Via Passeri 167 61121 Pesaro Italy
Tel/Fax 0039 0721 30750