Re: FRI. 1/27 morning smokes

On Jan 27, 6:38 am, Ed Duncan <edunca...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Morning greets all from 40, just started raining again Western NY.
Earlier while dog out after feeding, DGT '05 Star/East in little
pressed meer, juice/meds/read sports section. Later after feeding the
Ed, '06 BayouNight in SerJac Maxima 1/8 bent bulldog. Hopefully dog
walks sometime today, reading, napping, usual Fri. late afternoon
activities on the plans. Wishing all affected a great TGIF.

Ed Duncan, Batavia, NY
pipe since '62, y'all know the rest

Good morning Ed, Tim......

Having a real change of pace today, starting off with a "The Devils
Weed". It's a Churchill sized stick with a med brown wrapper. So far
it's been tasty.

I've several Petes loaded with G&H Kendal Flake/Ennerdale for when the
urge strikes.

Paul Z