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I love the snow, big snows when people stay home, it gets so nice and
quiet.  One of the best times to have a pipe.
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I spent the first 43 years of my life living with winters full of
snow.  Those of us who know the shores of Lake Erie are well aware
that it isn’t unusual for the snow to start falling in November and
the ground covered with snow, with intermittent breaks, right through
February.  Snow is wonderful when you don’t have to go out into it.  I
well recall many, many hours spent over the years sitting by a fire
roaring in the fireplace watching the snow fall outside while puffing
on my pipe.  Those moments, a serene place in my memories, are now
only memories having moved to Atlanta six years ago.

While I don’t regret moving to relatively warm winters and not having
to go out into the snow, especially driving in it, I do very much miss
puffing on my pipe while watching the snow flakes fall, especially the
big fluffy ones, from the warmth of my home.  So, for those of you who
have to deal with the white stuff, count your blessings, light your
pipe, and witness one of nature’s true treasures.

Happy Holidays to all.

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Nothing like the snow coming down like all get out in the evening
watching the flashing lights of the snow trucks as they glide by
scraping the pavement, sparks flying from the plow.

Next year's potholes ;-))