Re: cooler pipe tobacco

On Jul 22, 4:38 pm, jerrygarrison <garriso...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Ok Pipers,
I went back to 1964 (in memory) and called a very old co-worker and
asked about a menthol pipe tobacco we shared from his pouch.  My old
co-worker remembers that it was "Greenbrier" or something very close
to it. I am looking today to see if I can find any history about it.

That kinda rings a bell Jerry. There's a site called pipe-pages or
something similar that has old pipe catalogs & old flyers from Wally
Frank's mail order company. I had it book marked but lost all that
good stuff when my hard drive took a dump a while back. Perhaps
someone can provide the link ? Lotsa old time Pipe & Tobacco stuff on
this site.

Paul Z