Re: 4/22 Evening Smokes

On Apr 22, 7:47 pm, Paul Z <pzo...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Apr 22, 3:54 pm, Charles <funns...@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Good Evening Irregulars!!
Just trimed a 6 lb butterflied leg of lamb of fat
and soaking it in a body bag w/Merlot for grilling Sunday.
having some Classic Burley kake in a large Pashe Meer.
Medium Decided on an early start for the Funn Easter Feast.
The Virginian on the tube,hot green in the mug.
Drizzlifying (Funn Dictionary) outside,hopefully not by Sunday.
Very cool but any day is good above ground.
What are the Irregulars enjoying this evening???


Evenin' Funn,  asp.........

Dunhill Standard Mixture in a IMP meer,  Illy espresso in the mug.

Paul Z

evening greets from 38, misty rain Western NY. After dinner etc, DGT
'08 Lombard in PrebenHolm POY-PCI '84, tea/Playbody mag. reading on
the side. Shortly, to the chats.
Most everything's packed for weekend with Mom in Law. Leaving early
Sat. morning, don't think wifie's taking her laptop this time, so this
will probably be my last evening thread till Monday nite. Have a great
holiday all!

Ed Duncan, Batavia, NY
pipe since '62, brain addled/mindless forever