Re: Tuesday Afternoon Smoke 11 Jan 11

On Jan 11, 4:47 pm, sierr...@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
All of 33 degrees.  Freezing rain forecast for tonight, I'm hoping for
snow instead.  Just finished a Savinelli stack with Plumcake on top
and Kendal Plug the bottom half. Next up a Wally Frank bent billiard
of Sam's Flake.

Howard in Oregon

On Jan 11, 1:17 pm, Paul Z <pzo...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Afternoon Asp.........

Haddo's in a Tinsky,  Illy espresso in the mug.

Getting ready to go outside & shovel the walks & stairs.

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late afternoon greets all. Now 17, cloudy in Western NY. 2-3"
lightweight snow xpected by morning. Was DGT Fonseca 6x50 for added
company on the 2-mile "dog walks me" earlier. Then while thawing out,
tea/DGT '08 Ashbury in SerJac blast calabash (I've got 7 calabash in
various interpretations.....wifie's favorite shape). Seeya for evening
smokes thread & eventually the chats.

Ed Duncan, Batavia, NY
pipe since '62, ASP's resident village idiot