Re: What ever happened to Bear and the PIF program?

On Jun 25, 1:12 pm, Jeremy Hall <hall.jere...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You don't happen to have a copy of that Ti sto concert still around, do
you?  I would love to see the whole thing.

No, I erased it as soon as I'd grabbed the footage. It's sort of a
strange thing having so much stuff on my computer. I think if I backed
it all up, I'd end up burning out my DVD drive. I grabbed it off
BitTorrent, though, and I believe it was called ... oh, shoot, I don't
remember. I do remember it was two AVI files, about 700 MB each.

The thing about communities, I think, is that they're subject to the
force of entropy. I think it's natural for a group to fall apart. The
only thing that keeps any community going is positive action. What you
just did, that was positive action. I suspect you knew that. :-) Good
thing, too, because I'm on my last nerve today. I was all set to go
postal on the group. LOL. That would have made things even worse.

I can't imagine many ASPers being into Tiësto. I sort of picture the
average ASPer nursing a fifth of Jack Daniels, with the Marshall
Tucker Band blaring from a Wal-Mart stereo cabinet. But then, as I
mentioned, I am in a particularly foul mood today. :-)

Hope you're doin' well.