Re: Morning Lightup 5/20/2010

On May 20, 4:51 am, Allen Lloyd <al...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Morning ASP ...
50 degrees this morning in east ohio, the muddy ohio river is on the
rise with all the rain over the past few days.  Smokin' Ashton Brindle
Flake in a Peterson Whiskey and having a diet coke.  Now for some
bacon and eggs, as of this morning have droped 30 pounds using Atkins
with 25 to go, boy could I go for a box of Entemans chocolate glazed
donuts, a cheesecake, a box of Ho-Ho's.

Whats in your pipe this morning?
AL ...

Good morning Al..........

G&H Dark Birds Eye in a Upshall lovat, coffee in the mug.

Paul Z