Re: O.T Funn Surgery

On 5/7/2010 10:34 AM, Ken Dixon wrote:
Charles wrote:
Just wanted to let all know I was rushed to the hospital Tues, From
work for emergency surgery for blocked intestines. Has nothing to do w/
my smoking. Two hernia operations in the 70's & 80's caused scar
tissue to form over my intestinal track. Constant pain from 11 am to
12 midnite. In the hospital now. Probably be released next Mon. or
What a difference in recovery time - in the 70's and 80's a hernia operation meant weeks of down time; now it's out-patient surgery.

Good thing you had it now - in a few years they'd probably just put you down! ;-)
Gonna stay w/my son & family till recouperation is
complete. Please smoke some bowls for me. I smoke everything,
Eglish,Va.s,Aromatics,Burley, Crossovers,etc. So have at it!!!

I'll be reading and enjoying. I know my first smoke will be a
heavenlylisious (Funn Dictionary) event.


Well...Shit. Feel better.

Ken in Miami

Hey, Charles! Send us your stash - we'll enjoy it for you! ;-)