Re: Tired of latakia?

On Apr 3, 11:35 pm, "K. Smith" <ksmit...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I just smoked a half bowl of Epiphany from a jar that I haven't touched
in quite a while, but remember liking it when I first got it.  I don't
know if I'm just burned out on latakia containing blends or if it's just
this one, but I didn't even finish the pipe.

I used to think latakia blends were the greatest thing since indoor
plumbing, but anymore I find myself reaching for stuff like Christmas
Cheer, Hal O the Wynd, NightTrain, and PA.


I'm having the same problem right now, Kevin. I'm smoking aromatics a
lot more and also light English blends that are aromatic like
Boswell's Magnum Blend. Epiphany is one of my all-time favorite blends
but this last half pound I got doesn't seem to have as much topping,
thus I'm smoking it less.


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