Re: FRI. 1/22 afternoon smoke(s)

On Jan 22, 1:18 pm, Ed Duncan <edunca...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Greets again & hoping all affected by that "work" disease are having
at least a decent TGIF. Now 32, sunny & calm in Western NY. Recently
returned from looong "dog walks me", Don Pepin EMS 5x52 for added
company. Certainly not a "name" cigar but a full-bodied taste blast.
Tea at this desk, large old MiltKalnitz with 5100+ waiting in back
room for some reading. On early as have concert in Rochester early
evening. Will be on the chats real late if home soon enuf, evening
smoke thread hopefully before the wee-bitching hr of nidmight
strikes...otherwise post to nite-owls.

Ed Duncan, Batavia, NY
pipe since '62, brain addled/mindless forever

Afternoon Ed, Ian........

MacBaren Honey & Chocolate in a Clarence Mickles poker, coffee in the

Paul Z

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