Re: Night Owl Smoke 20 Sept 09

Paul Z wrote:
Enjoying some plain cigar leaf in a no name billiard, hot tea in the
mug. This pipe is a great smoker. It had a $2.00 price tag. If I
recall correctly, I got this pipe at the Kane County Fair Grounds
almost years ago. It's a real beaut !!! It's not fancy looking,
smokes like a dream.

Who's up enjoying a smoke ?

Paul Z
Hello Paul and Ian. I am up listening to some old Jeff Beck. Right now it is "Cause we've ended as lovers". My big brother introduced me to this album(Blow by Blow) when I was a teen with my first Sony Walkman. Amazing! I am smoking some McClelland 2015 in a bent Peterson Aran. This is my only Pete and I think it is a workhorse smoker. If I keep it clean and the cake trimmed, it delivers every time.

I hope all is well in your world.

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