AD: Interesting Tobac Sampler

I was rearranging my office and came across a rather unique sampler. It is from the Whithall Company and has got to be pushing 30+ years old. There is a clear plastic rectangular box that houses 6 individual 1 ounce tobaccos, each in its own metal tin. The whole thing is over wrapped in the original cardboard sleeve. The sleeve is worn, but still intact.

Tobaccos included-
Brush Creek - "The most expensive tobacco on the market"
Kentucky Club Regular - "Flavor-dried" white Burley
Greenbrier - Yes, it's mentholated
London Dock - a time honored mixture of 5 tobaccos
Kentucky Club Mixture - mildly aromatic
Whitehall - aromatic English

I'm pretty much only smoking current production Pease, so these would likely never get touched around here.

$100 plus actual shipping.