Re: Morning Pipeing 6/17/09

On Jun 17, 4:29 am, Charles <funns...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Charatan Distinction Estated from Ed Burak filled with the last of my
pouched Balkan Saseni. Iced green tea on the side. New version of
Charge of the Light Brigade on the tube. Bit more realistic and
Enjoying life in my basement. Might do some re-arranging and disposal
down here today. Anyone up and smoking???


Morning Funn & Gentlefolk. It's Bullseye in an Ascorti New Dear
(that's the way it's spelled). Mellow morning smoke. Fell asleep
listening to where Nicholas and Princess Mary fall in love in _War and
Peace_ and woke just before Prince Andre gets killed. But I always
write down where I am on the iPod so I can rewind to the point I fell
asleep. Must drive into San Fran today for business with the DMV, what
a pain. Got to shave. May your pipes be ever sweet. Tim in Pacifica
near San Fran