Re: AD: Ming Shrooms

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On May 29, 9:44 am, nick.m.c.john...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

You know, when I first read the title, i was expecting some wacked out
psychedelic shape or somthing. hehehe.

Nick, now that you mention it, there just might have to be a few of
those psychadelic Shrooms as well ;-))

I recall back in college walking into the dorm room of two guys who
really did qualify as the "resident heads".  They had glued hundreds
of cigarettes to the wall, as if the wall was smoking them.  They sat
there on the floor transfixed, staring at them, with socks taped to
their foreheads, chanting "shrooms...shrooms...shrooms".  It was like
a bad episode of Dragnet.


I never even saw you walk into the room Art.

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