Re: OCD and GLP

I've settled on Montgomery and [to a lesser extent] Telegraph Hill for
the largest quantities. I have a couple pounds each of Laurel Heights
[not sure about this one], Fillmore [too much perique and will likely
trade], Embarcadero [a niche smoke], and Stratford [decent, not
exciting]. I don't smoke much latakia so my pound of tins of Scandal
is likely to be traded or sold. Cumberland has never appealed to me
and bites your's truly like a rabid rat. I have a smattering of others
that I'll slide in for something different. Ultimately I've decided
that the overt toppings of Cairo, Haddo's and Barbary Coast are not
going to get smoked often here. Still, tastes change and evolve so I'm
willing to revisit. Good thread, Buddy.