Re: Sat. 3/21 afternoon smoke(s)

On Mar 21, 4:25 pm, Ed Duncan <edunca...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
afternoon greets all. 42, clear but nippy wind in Western NY. Just
returned from looong "dog walks me", Montecruz lonsdale for added
company. Now for a tea with '05 Penzance/965 in Tinsky x-large bowl
freehand. Seeya for evening thread & probably the chats.

Ed Duncan, Batavia, NY
pipe since '62, brain addled/mindless forever

Hiya Ed, ASP,

About to drop the SWMBO downtown to partake in belated St. Patty Day
celebrations here in Charlotte. That might give me enough time to
sneak in a bowl of Odyssey in my biggest bowl available. Knob Creek on
the side w/ 60+ degree weather makes for a great Saturday.

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