Re: AD: Poul Winslow Straight Grain "C" For Trade

On Mar 18, 11:56 am, "Dock J.Perry" <dock_pe...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Howdy folks,

I've got a killer Poul Winslow sraightgrain "C' grade freehand with
stellar straightgrain and a cumberland stem. It's very lightly smoked
and is in pristine condition. It's nearly a pocketmagnum in size and
is WAAAAY to big for me as I'm a "clencher" not a "palmer". It's been
fully rejuvenated and will be ready to smoke the second you take it
outta the box. Will trade for a Danish, German or N. American made
pipe of similar value. I'm looking for $200.00 in actual trade value
for it. I will also trade it for sealed tins of Flake tobacco,
especially McB's Navy Flake and also Murray's production Dunhill's

Here it is:


I will trade it for any 7 tins of Murray's made Dunhill's #965,
Aperitif or Early Morning Pipe!