Re: Celler is Full

On Mar 17, 3:42 am, Paul Z <pzo...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Mar 16, 9:48 pm, markmc...@xxxxxxxxx (Mark McKay) wrote: Celler is here
is the you draw down...what point do you order more...want
to age it I don't wanna open anything...figure the
next year or so...gonna be buying pipes....:)

You can never have too much tobacco !!!!     ;-)

Paul Z

Hi ALL: geeze I probably have enough tobacco both bulk and tins to
last the rest of my life,actually I don't think i'll live long enough
to get to everything I have on hand,but I keep buying more waiting on
4 pounds of Anniversary Kake from P&C,and some 9 year old C&D Pirate
Kake and some Two Friends Deacon's Downfall ordered from Pipestud,plus
I've ordered a bunch of cigars from JR and bought a bunch of locally
made cigars from a local B&M,and I guess I might slow up just a little
now.Regards Dennis