Re: your oldest pipe

shakenbake wrote:

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band) or a meer billiard with an amber stem and bone tenon that's got to
be around the same age or older, no real way of dating it that I know of.

Was it made in France? Did it come with a fitted case? I have about
three of these in my collection, and was wondering about the story
behind them. They also made some out of briar with the bone tenon and
an amber stem, I believe. I have a meer which was presumably made for
IRC (Iwan Reis and Company).

Mine doesn't say where it is made, has a blue case with gold trim and the words 'schiuma vera' and ambra pura" which is Italian for "true foam" meaning 'block meerschaum', and "pure amber" on it. Bought it on eBay from someone who described it as 'white plastic' for $7.