Re: OT: Oral Histories

On Mar 16, 2:59 am, "Chris Ross" <lin...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I know a good many of the folks in here are ummm of the "experienced at
life" variety and would remember who Bennet Cerf was. You will probably
remember him from "What's My Line," a show that I first discovered 8-9 years

Anyhow I am working my way through a gigantic oral history interview that he
gave shortly before his death and thought I would share it with the rest of
you as I have enjoyed it immensely thusfar. He was/is a fascinating man to
me. If only I could find one on Bill Cullen...

You can find his information, as well as several other's interviewed here:

Hey Chris;

Great find. Thanks. It reminds me of whan I grew up watching that
great TV of the 60s! Those were days that I wish had never ended.
Life was a lot simpler and reasonable, compared to modern times.