Re: AD: Thinning the cellar

On Mar 8, 6:40 pm, camRoon <markm...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sun, 08 Mar 2009 13:28:39 -0700, shakenbake wrote:
On Mar 8, 3:46 pm, Bigron <ronry...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I tried reply to author but this seems to be the second time my direct
emails have not gone through via ASP.  Is there any Nassau left?

Me too.  What gives with the e-mails?  I also sent an e-mail for Nassau
and a few other tins.

Please remove one mark from the email addy listed here, or use the one on
the webpage(s)

I'm sending you email now.

I got it! Thanks Mark, you are a Gentleman!