Re: Three Nuns Raped

Well, the good news is smokes better than ever...good old Imperial

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Sorry I haven't posted in a while, guys (maybe years), but I feel the
need to rant.  My Three Nuns stock was running a little low lately, so
I ordered up some from Daniel at Synjeco.  To my utter disgust and
horror, when I opened the box I discovered that the Three Nuns tin
(which I have always loved just as much as the tobacco) has been
vandalized with obscene health warnings!  Not just the usual health
warnings either, but obtuse, oversized ones!  I am sickened....When
will this foolishness stop?

I posted before and after pictures here:

I know how you feel, Judson. I picked up one of those tins in
Stockholm a few years ago. It's just sitting in my tobacco stash
muttering those dire (but incomprehensible) warnings. I haven't opened
it yet. Maybe I'll get the nerve soon ;-)

I've long since incinerated the tins that I rushed out and grabbed
when I heard we would no longer be able to buy it here.

Let us know how it compares to the old version

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