AD: Dunhill Smooth Einstein Pipe at THE BRIAR GALLERY

COMMEMORATIVE PIPE (2005), with SMOOTH (Amber Root) finish, is now on sale

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Dunhill made only 150 Einstein pipes in the Amber Root finish, to celebrate
the 100th anniversary of Einstein's paper on Special Relativity. (They also
issued 250 Shell briars.) This particular pipe is No. 133.

Einstein is one of the most famous pipe-smokers of all time ... perhaps
almost as well-known as Sherlock Holmes. Apparently he favored the apple
shape, and so Dunhill's pipe is a lovely 5101, sporting a sterling siler
ring containing Einstein's famous equation, E=mc2. The pipe comes in a
handsome tan leather book-box.

I don't know how many commemorative pipes have been issued to celebrate
scientific achievements. But given the number of twentieth-century
scientists who smoked pipes, Dunhill's Einstein Pipe strikes me as
extraordinarily appropriate and appealing celebration.

When visiting THE BRIAR GALLERY, I invite you to visit some of the many
exhibit halls devoted to displaying and discussing the work of some
extrordinarily creative and original Japanese and Danish pipe-makers.

Thomas Looker
Student of Pipes


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