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schnorrer wrote:
Would buying organic tobacco- like C and D's Organic Pipe Dreams help
the small farmer?  I hope so, as it is my go-to Virginia these days.

Buying any good pipe tobacco will help the small tobacco farmer.
They are the ones growing tobacco for pipe use.  Buy from a U.S.
manufacturer (C&D, G.L. Pease, etc) and most of the tobacco used will
be from U.S. production.  Buy from overseas and most of the tobacco
will come from Africa, India, Indonesia, or elsewhere outside the U.S.

U.S. tobacco fit for cigarettes is produced in such quantity and
at such low cost that it can be profitably exported, to those willing
to pay a little more for better quality.  The pipe tobaccos grown in
the U.S. basically have no market outside our borders.  Equivalent
tobaccos (or better) can be purchased for less elsewhere, with a
couple of exceptions.  Perique is not grown outside the U.S., and no
one even tries to duplicate the processing outside our borders.  It
used to be (and I suspect still is) that Black Fat tobacco, grown in
Kentucky and used mainly in snuff, was another grown-only-in-the-U.S.
product and was in demand abroad.


jim b.

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What about bulk tobacco? The blends i really like are bulks from
Lanes. Do you know if this is an American grown crop?

Thanks for the info.

Happy puffing,
Bill D.