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Magnifying glass and sunshine

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OK, I've heard everything from "only use matches" to "only use the
Zippo pipe lighter" to butane is the best.  Here's the question:
What's the best lighting mechanism to use so's not to torch the edges
of my pipe?  What's the one that doesn't leave a taste of fuel?
What's the easiest fire to use when outside?

I've probably left a few instances out but this will do for a start.

Steve the Geezer

From Sailorman Jack:

Dear Bernie,

Once upon a time, I had a churchwarden.  I don't recall any problems
lighting it. Probably it did not have as much of a bend as your pipe

I can think of two traditional ways of lighting churchwardens.  The
first is to
pluck an ember from the fireplace with tongs and place it directly
into the
bowl on top of the tobacco.  This is probably not practical for you.

The second is to use a spill.  One takes a piece of rolled up paper or
splinter of wood and ignites it in the fireplace and then applies it
to the
tobacco.  This technique might actually be helpful to you.
You are there with the pipe.  Would it be easier to light it if you
were using
a 10- or 12-inch long spill?

Of course, you do not need a fireplace.  Just light the spill with

If this helps,  I am glad.

Fair winds,

Sailorman Jack
Port of New York

Rob (sorry if this appears as a double post)

I'm starting to fill my pipes to just below the rim which cuts down if
not eliminate charring. The flame is sucked down past the rim into the
bowl. BUT..I use my Zippo a lot but I love matches also. I light from
the front and wait for it to travel to the back of the bowl toward the
stem. I have a Colibri pipe lighter but I don't want to lose it so I
keep it inside. My son got me a beautiful Savinelli pipe lighter from
Italy when he was gigging w/Kenny Garrett that stays under a
Buffarilla watch.
Buffarilla..Funn Dictionary= A cross between a Buffalo and a Gorilla
used to guard sacred items that will not leave any traces of the