OT/ mother expired

hi everybody,
sorry i have not been able to post on asp as i have a new computer with
windos vista. i cannot get newsgroups on vista. i am signing on to the old
computer that has windows XP and acessing the group. i wish i knew how to do
that on windows vista.

my mother expired in peace tuesday morning at 5:45am. i wish to thank you
all for the support when she was very ill. she was 88. she won't have to
worry about a thing now. i'm going to miss her everyday of my life.

i still work in the shop,though it's very slow. i hope the pipe world does
not succumb to the anti smoking campaigns.

i may not be able to sign on to asp soon. if i do not respond to your posts
please bear with me. my email is still the same.

hope everyone is well. i miss you'll.
thank you,