Re: Buying Baccy Online!

On Sep 11, 10:47 am, NICHE541 <oikos...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sep 11, 4:59 am, randyw <randyw...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hey guys, just wanted to know if any of you have ever tried this
online company?

Their prices for the old standards are really cheap. I wanted some
Carter Hall in the tub, and they have a really good price on a bunch
of stuff. They carry some stuff I've never had before. Talk at you all

Randy W...

P.S. Hey Mo, see, I posted something new!

I checked it out and the prices were cheap but I didn't like the
questions they ask me. ie; Drivers License #. what is that all about?

Drivers license is a good way to check the date of birth that can't
easily be faked...