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On 2008-06-28, SeanC <seanc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Ian wrote:

Yeah, it's the same guy. Right before he left ASP, he posted that he'd
just had his first mystery novel published.

I'm definitely the same guy. And thanks for the shout-out, Ian. I'm
glad you enjoyed the book. True, I don't post here much anymore, but I
still lurk. Thing is, along with the change of career came touring
around to promote the book and doing PR stuff and going to crime fiction
conferences, and (more importantly) writing the next book and some short
stories for anthologies, and (MOST importantly) trying to find some time
to spend with my wife and our son.

Yes, we had a baby. He's almost two now. Cute as hell, and we're
having a blast (but man, the sleep deprivation is incredible).

So ... with all that, I haven't been able to risk getting caught in an
online discussion the way I used to do here. Even just lurking, I plan
just to stop by for a few minutes and see what's new and what
everybody's smoking - next thing you know, a couple of HOURS have passed.

But enough about me... Glad to see the familiar names and hope all
ASPians are healthy and happy. If anyone wants to reach me directly,
there's an email link on my website ( - just go
to the contact page.

Well, that settles it, Sean... Next time I am ordering at Amazon
(probably this week), both will be purchased. I look forward to
reading them.

And I sure hope that everything continues to go well in your life.
Babies are a lot of work, but enjoy them while they are young. My
oldest is almost 11 now, and the teenage attitude is already starting
to kick in a little... ;-)

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