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Morning ASP,

Smoking a bowl of 3 Nuns, in memory of a childhood friend who recently
passed away. He introduced me to 3 Nuns back in 1968. Coffee brewing,
off to work soon to get something accomplished while it is still peaceful.

Oh, and to answer Paul's question from the nightowl thread, a fairly new
to me blend that I am enjoying is Night Train.


Waaaay late on this one, and still not smoking a pipe. Called the EMT's this AM
as I was having lower abdominal pain that was too severe to risk driving. Spent
about 3 hours in the ER, 2 IV doses of Dilaudid, one of Toridol, one bag of
Rocefin IV, and an ordered 4 days off work.
Bladder infection that didn't have any other symptoms besides the pain, and has
apparently been going on since 5-6 months ago at an easy to ignore level. Well,
no ignoring it today. Be back this evening after I calm down and go get my


Just your basic flake, and official Old Fart!

Dang, Bob! I just now read your post. I hope you are all fixed up now.
I can see how this flew under the radar for a while. You might be like
me, with so many aches, here and there, that you would feel ridiculous
addressing each one.


That's kinda the situation alright. Been sleeping for an hour at a time and
getting up to take more Percocet so I can sleep for another hour. Gonna have to
go and pick up a thermometer too, since it definitely feels like I've got a
fever and I was told to call back if it climbs.

I tell ya, getting old sucks!


Just your basic flake, and official Old Fart!

Jeez, I just now saw your post, Bob. I hope you feel better soon.
From personal experience, Percocet is a joke; it would work for no
more that 15 minutes and then the pain would come screaming back. I
began to take more than the prescription called for, which is
dangerous. Do you have anyone to take care of you? Driving to get a
thermometer may not be the best move after all that Percocet, pal.
I'm thinking about you.