Re: Very Early Morning Pipe

Well, its not so eary for you folks on the East coast but its only 7:20 here in Southern California. Looks like its going to be just like yesterday, a beautiful sunny day somewhere in the high 60's.

Reading what everyone else is smoking this morning made me have a real desire for that good, old, simple taste of Prince Albert so I'm about to load up a large Savinelli Natural billiard and light up!

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Goodmorning everyone. Seems we are all up too early. I'm up with a
splitting headache for some reason. I've got some Prince Albert in a
Kaywoodie while waiting for that elusive sandman. Water and BC powder on
the side. Wishing everyone a good A.M.

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I hope that headache is gone by now, Casey.


Good Morn! here before Ed Duncan today. It will be Westminster
(dried!) today. this one grows on you. oh, a huge mug of Coffee now!
Have a great day.


'gmorning all. Yeah actually let me sleep till around
8am. Anyhow, she just came in...was '06 Lombard in small bowl Ascorti
"Business" panel, juice/meds on the side. 3" snow to move around

Ed Duncan, Batavia, NY
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Good mornin' all......

Mammoth Cave Twist in a Kaywoodie, tea in the mug.

Paul Z