Re: Suggestion to pipemakers

On 6 fév, 01:26, "Greg Werner" <gwer...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
It is really frustrating to see a listing for a new pipe, discover that I
have been beaten to the punch and then not even be able to see the asking
price because it is replaced by "SOLD". Wouldn't it be a good idea to at
least list the date sold and the retail price so that people can tell what
the general pricing range for the pipes is?

You're right, Greg. I think that it is a good idea that I let the
prices until the pipe is sold. But I think that's impossible for a
pipemaker to let the prices in the gallery. Why ? Because the prices
sometimes increase a little and three years later he wouldn't ask the
same price for a similar pipe.

But I'll take care of your advice regarding to sold pipes.
For your information, the price of the Ukulele was 240 Euros (350

Happy smoking

David Enrique