Re: Hmmm... not sure if I like Latakia.

There is no accounting for taste, either one way or the other. Years ago
I smoked a pipe for a while (then took a many years long hiatus before
starting again), and at that time I smoked various burleys, aromatics, etc.
I thought I liked them, and at the time it seems I did, well enough anyway,
or so I thought. I smoked a lot of Half & Half back then, I remember. I
stopped for many years and when I again took up the pipe, I thought to start
with the tobaccos that I had known before, so I started with aromatics like
Captain Black and some apple and cherry flavored blends, and Prince Albert,
some Lane Limited aromatics, etc. It was OK, I thought, but not quite as
great as I had imagined it would be and I sometimes wondered if I had made a
good decision in taking it up again, and whether I would continue.
Fortunately, this time I had the benefit of the Internet and this group, and
I was able to find out about tobaccos that I never knew existed the first
time around. It so happened that at the time when I first began to read ASP
postings, there was a lot of discussion about latakia. Some said they really
liked it and some really despised it. I was curious, but I was afraid to try
it because some said it was awful stuff. One time I was at a local B&M and
they had a blend with a low amount of latakia in it, and I felt brave and
bought some. I found it wasn't nearly as bad as I feared, and I even liked
it. So I began to buy blends with more latakia, and, liking it a lot, I
ended up with C&D #970 Pirate Kake as my everyday smoke, which is one of the
highest latakia content tobaccos there is, and at this point I really do not
care for anything but heavy latakia blends (although I found recently that I
do enjoy some cigar leaf in my pipe tobacco at times). So perhaps it is a
matter of getting used to it, or maybe it's a matter of personal taste,
psychological conditioning, or maybe just plain body chemistry. I do not
stop to think about what else the taste might compare with; when I taste it
I just think it tastes like latakia. I'd say if you really want to "learn to
like it", then keep at it a little at a time and either you eventually will
or you won't. Maybe smoke a blend with only a little latakia at first, or
maybe mix some latakia in small quantities with another tobacco and see if
you acquire a taste for it. All I can say about latakia is I love the stuff
and it's what makes the pipe enjoyable for me. But I can also tell you that
there are many people here who absolutely love Perique, but try as I might,
and I have tried, I can't stand the stuff. So as they say, Your Mileage May


"Sparky2280" <jabain2@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
This is a post I placed at another site recently. It is word for word,
so some of you may have seen it. I know ASP is a bit larger, so Im
interested to see what type of response I get. Bear in mind this is
not an attack, Im simply seeking....suggestions from our wisdom
saturated community.

I'm sitting in a soft leather chair, in the comfort of my local
tobacco shop. I pull out my My Stanwell Featherweight and load it up
with a lovely golden brown and black tobacco cut into small ribbons. I
light, tamp, relight, and settle back into that supple leather and
allow the smoke to gently float around me as I draw another smooth
puff. A female customer shopping for cigars for her husband says she
loves the smell, I smile, and sink deeper into my chair, hunkering
down for a relaxing escape from the world. And then...... Something
terrible happens..... socks.....I taste, musty, locker room socks.
YAK ! Every muscle in my body tenses up, my soft leather chair now
feels more like a cold park bench, I shoot up and empty my bowl into
the nearby ashtray. I pause a moment, to gather my senses. Well, we
wont be smoking that one again.

Now, you might be asking, "Good lord, what the hell happened?" Well,
it has happened several times to me lately. It has been a series of
scientific tests I have been conducting. OK, I'm pullin your leg on
the "scientific" part, but they have been tests nonetheless. Now, I
run the risk of getting stoned for this posting, and to my
disappointment, some of the older smokers that make up our community
can become quite nasty when you express your opinion, more on that
later maybe. However, my tests have been on trying to develop a liking
for English Blends, or more importantly the ever loved Latakia. So
far, not so good. My tasting of several English blends, both bulk and
tinned has left that "Dirty Sock" taste in my mouth. Now, I know,
there are many out there that are die hard Latakia lovers. There are
also many out there wondering why I didn't hit that woman over the
head like a good caveman, drag her back to my lair, and sell her to
the highest bidder on Ebay. We all know that few and far between enjoy
the aroma of a Latakia laced mixture. Well, sorry gentleman, the dirty
socks ruined my reaction time and she was gone before I could retrieve
my club. I digress.

So, now that we all know my dilemma, the question begs..... what to
do? I want to like Latakia, I really do. The descriptions of the smoke
you can get from a good blend with Latakia in it make my mouth water,
however; dirty socks do not. Now, maybe, its just a matter of time.
Maybe my palate needs to develop more, but I don't know that this is
the answer. I have grown to love Virginia tobaccos, and the natural
non cased sweetness that they offer. I have learned to enjoy the cool,
nutty smoke you can get from a good Burley. I can also enjoy a very
very mild Aromatic, that allows the amazing flavor of natural tobacco
to marry ever so smooth with the casing. So, where does the Latakia
fit into all of this? I do not know.

This is where our beloved community comes in. I need you die hard
Latakia fans out there to help me, direct me, counsel me..... after
you stone me like a Salem witch of course. I want to find that perfect
English blend, the one that will give me the amazing flavors of
natural tobacco, but will agree with my tastes. I think that maybe I
need to try Latakia on a very very light level first, let it grow on
me, and then maybe it can shed the "Dirty Sock" label. I believe that
discovering new tobacco's is not like swimming, you don't just dive in
head first and give it a go. I am young, no doubt, and maybe my tastes
are not that developed, but, alas, that is why I am here. To learn, to
grow, and to develop into a pipe smoker that can pass down the same
knowledge to a younger generation. Assuming of course that the
government doesn't lock us up and throw away the key first.

So, I would love to hear your comments, your opinions, your
suggestions. Who knows, maybe the questions you answer for me, and the
blends that you can recommend can help others who are not so brave to

Happy Smokin!



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