Re: Pipes, a hot button issue?

On Dec 3, 6:59 pm, Bill <williamdochn...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I might bring it up again tonight. I don't know. Bob, I understand
the idea of it being like "time off" for the mrs. The thing about my
wife is that I don't know that there's anything she'd like to do while
I'm with a friend having a pipe. She doesn't get manicures, she's not
into fancy hairdos, she doesn't really enjoy shopping. There are a
lot of things that are positives in general, but I don't know that
there are things that she would like to do, that I wouldn't, and vice-
versa. Strangely enough, she enjoys watching sports on TV much more
than I do, but I don't know if that would be a worthwhile discussion

This was sort of a point with my girlfriend. When i started she was
mostly concerned about those hours that I am now not with her and I
don't have much free time anyways. What wound up happening is that I
smoke outside at the pool, maybe with a neighbor and she comes outside
too. I bring out my laptop and we watch a movie or read together.
Sometimes we just sit and talk while the dogs run around. By simply
making an effort to be outside while I was puffing away gave us more
quality time together where we may have been inside watching t.v. and
basically ignoring each other. Pipe smoking can be very social and
she has made a few new friends in our neighborhood over it. I guess
the point is that your wife can be a part of this. Think of it like
going for a walk after dinner together but instead of walking you are
enjoying a pipe. She doesn't have to smoke but sitting and relaxing
with you can be a very enjoyable experience for her. My girlfriend
usually knits while I smoke or just watches a movie in a different
setting than we might have otherwise. I think the pipe has given us
one more thing to do together and if she is too tired or I just need
some alone time them it gives a good excuse to go sit outside with the
dog and be happy by myself. She doesn't particularly like the smell
all that much so I keep her upwind and am careful about that so she
still enjoys the time.

Hope that helps,
Bill D.

I feel for you, Josh. But Fortunately for me, I dont have that
problem, In fact, My wife just surprised me with a pound of Blue Note
because i mentioned to her that they might stop producing it.

She went out and came home with a box of Canning jars and a pound of
the BN and told me "here's an early B-day present, age it."

Sry for bragging. I guess my advise to you about your "sitch-e-a-shun"
is "If you want to smoke, go up to the pipe shop and do it."

at least she wont be bugging you about it.