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What makes a good pipe? Some briar

is just of better quality. This means less moisture, a cleaner flavor,
and generally a lighter pipe. How it looks is very important to some
people, although the pipes that look the best (and we're talking
thousands of dollars here) will also tend to be very good smokers.
Still, once you get past the bowl coating, Dr. Grabows are decent
smokers, especially for the price and availability.

I would add that not only is there better quality briar available to
carvers and manufacturers but also the curing process makes a
difference between a 'drug store pipe' and one of quality because in
doing so it removes the saps and resins that are bitter to the taste
and this takes time and there are various methods used. In addition,
drug store pipes are mass produced whereas as better quality pipes are
individually made along with the stem, thus ensuring a precise fit for
smoking satisfaction. The end result is that quality pipes are better
made and offer a cooler, dryer smoke with no bitterness.

I disagree with the notion that just because a pipe looks good it's
going to smoke well, that's nonsense. Looks have nothing whatsoever to
do with smoking qualities. Yet most well made quality pipes do look

By the same token there are many who have reported that their Dr.
Graybows, basket pipes etc smoke as well as any Dunhill or other high
grade in their collection but this is the exception and not the rule.

Lastly, corncobs offer a truly inexpensive unique smoking experience
and are a good pipe for the money.

Hope this


Welcome JSand,
You have some good questions, and pipe smokers love to voice their
opinions and attempt to give helpful advice. That said I will voice my
opinions and helpful advice. There are many classifications of
tobacco. A good natural burley is one of the easiest to smoke and
great for a person just starting out. Prince Albert and Carter Hall
are two excellent burlies. They have been around for years and are
still a favorite of many of us. That has to tell you something! They
should be available locally and are inexpensive. I would suggest you
get a pouch of each and give them a try.
i would also suggest you get a few corn cob pipes. They too, are
inexpensive and provide a great smoke. Try PA in one and CH in the
other. This, in my opinion, would be a good starting point.