Re: Advice on a Dunhill purchase

Hi Ron,

Go with Cup O Joes. Great prices with a very nice selection and they're
easy to deal with.

Take a look at the Shell line or the County line - both are very agressively
priced and should fit into your budget nicely.

As to taking the plunge and trying your first Dunhill ... I've made it no
secret here that I'm a Dunhill lover. I have 8 of them now (and wish I had
28) - mostly billiards because of my preference in pipe shapes. I also have
a couple of bent Bulldogs and a bent Prince. They all smoke flawlessly.
The drilling is perfect, the workmanship is top notch, the pipes are light
as a feather, hell, they rule. They're no harder to break in than any other
pipe (most have a bowl coating these days that imparts no flavor to the
smoke) but I'd still suggest you google up Jim Beard's bottom cake building
method and follow that. Thats what I've done on every Dunhill I own and
each is a distinct treasure in my collection. Be careful about what size
pipe you order. The group 3 pipes are actually very tiny. Go with a group
4 or 5 for your first Dunhill and you'll be quite satisfied. My favorite
shape by Dunhill is a 4103 (straight billiard with a tapered stem in size

My first Dunhill was a Shell Briar 4108 Bent Bulldog that I bought with much
trepidation. I too had heard all the talk about this name brand and was
curious. When I first smoked it I thought, "it's nothing special - just a
pipe" but within a few months I was hooked for life. Its an awsome brand.
And, they just seem to smoke better and better the more bowls you smoke in
them. Workhorses. Very well made. Hold thier value on the estate market.
Oh yeah, get one for sure. Your first won't be your last.

Rick Piatt
Smoking Pipes since 1997

"Ron Jenkins" <RonJenkins2006NOSPAMERS@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Ok .. I've seen all the hoopla about Dunhills and how they smoke, how well
made they are .. but I've never tried one. My pipe budget is not huge, my
most expensive pipe is $200 (1), most are around $80 - $150. I really
like the estate market, if I knew Dunhills better I would probably go
estate, but I'm affraid to get ripped off or get some raggedy piece of
that's been abused. So, that leave new ... can anyone direct me to the
online retailer that has the best prices on Dunhills?