Re: Your Pipes

Robert - nice set of pipes!

Gene H
"rkzenrage" <rkzenrage@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:1147067759.937557.199000@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The Thread from dopealope gave me this idea. One thread for your pipes
another for the cellar.
Been a while since we have had these threads... so here this one be.
I do not have mine out right now because I am working on a cedar pipe
tree made out of a cedar stump, natural style. Will be cool, but I'm
not up to finishing right now and it just got done curing.
For me, what you are going to get are my descriptions and shortcuts
that I use for my "what are you smoking" posts. Sorry. I will post
the pics of the pipes in their place with my cellar when I take that
pic. My new cellar is my grandmothers (I saved it yet again from the
dump) very, very, antique chest... I am mucho happy with it... but it
is overflowing. I think I needs help. Is there a TAD annonomous?...
and not "send it to my house for safe keeping".

IMP Mirage Blue Meer Cobra

IMP bent poker

Bent Falcon

Maurizio Calabash

Dr. Grabow Rusticated Bulldog

Walt Cannoy second Canadian

Tinderbox Newcastle Canadian

Lepeltier Bent Masonic Porcelain

Amsterdam Bent Porcelain

Danco Hollow Bowl Porcelain Billiard

Smoking Area

LJ Heart Bandito"Elf" Pipe- made by one of Santa's Elves. Square Shank
Pot Billiard.

Ming Kahuna Tamper

African Calabash

BC Bent Saddle Bulldog

Diamond Rusticated Pot

L. Viprati Canadian Blast

King's Cross Featherweight 402a
Italian no name bent billiard

Dr. Grabow Westbrook Acorn

IMP Red Pearl bent billiard lattice Before

Mastro de Paja, atta a mano, Pesaro bent billiard 3B

Dr. Grabow Viscount Wood Rusticated Straight Billiard

Lannes Johnson Heart Namaste' paper

Lannes Johnson Blasted Black & Red Checkered Billiard

Italian Briar Stacked Billiard

Butz Choquin Calabash Big Bent Blast Gift from Frenchy 07/23/05 6¼" by

Green Color Duke Dr. Grabow Dublin imported briar automatic

Kaywoodie Bulldog

Piccadilly London made bent Bulldog

According to the book Who Made That Pipe, Picadilly is made by Sasieni
in England and Weber in the US.

It also lists it as being made by Baron and CO, and Jos. Phillips.

Robert my own leaning would be that it is the Sasieni pipe because of
the London marking.

I think picadilly was a Sasieni second or something like that...if
memory serves me correctly. Steve-Laug Posts

University straight Prince (or apple?), 100-year-old briar from

Duke of Windsor bent billiard

Dr. Grabow Grand Duke rusticated Zulu

Dr. Grabow Duke Billiard

Mastercraft Deluxe Pot

Clay Skull pot

Bjarn Golden Finish Bent Brandy W/ Rustic Accents, Fishtail Bit

has rusticated bowl top and accent on shank with bent saddle stem. The
overall length of the pipe is 5 1/2". The bowl is 2" tall x 5/8" wide.
The tobacco chamber is 1 1/2" deep x 3/4" wide.

Gift from Terry Davy Comoy's Wembley straight egg 6 ½" by 2"

George's Grandfather's Pre-WWII Vauen Oom Paul

Dear Robert,

Thank you for your E-mail. This pipe is really an old treasure - it has
been finished before the second world war already! The bowl is made of
briar wood, the stem is made of cherrywood and the mouthpiece is made
of bufallo horn.

Best regards,


Landgrabenstr. 12

IK Medium Calabash Meerschaum with Case ( Reg. & churchwarden stem as

Model #SM319

Length: 5"

Width: 1.75"

Height: 2"

Depth: 1.5"

Medium Calabash with Case. All pipes are Hand Carved from 100% Solid
Block Meerschaum. Each pipe is a unique design hand carved so no two
pipes are exactly the same. Comes in a custom made leather and velvet
lined fitted case.

Sahin Istanbul Briar Churchwarden

The coloration of the briar can be lighter or darker depending on the
lighting conditions in the picture.

Material Stem Retail

Briar Lucite $50

Length Width Height Depth

10" 1" 1 1/2" 1"

Ascot Italian Briar Rusticated Oom Paul