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Anyone out there smoke "american" twist tobacco ? I've been
enjoying Mammoth Cave for a while & was wondering if anyone can
recommend another brand.

Paul Z

Cotton Boll! CB is unflavored and beyond strong. However a friend
sent me several lbs of dark fired tobacco, and that's even stronger and
is more than filling my needs as far as dizzying tobacco goes. Stoker
has the best selection but they are mail order only. If you get any
twists that are too sweet and moist you have 2 options: rinse the off
or toast them (try 200 uncovered for an hour or so). I suppose you
could try both. MC is supposed to be sweetened. CB is as plain and
naked of a tobacco as you can find. I believe its green river leaf.
CB is sold at lilbrown by the small twist. It goes a long way. Burns
very slow. I never smoked the english stuff, but those who have tell
me its much stronger.

ab in dfp

Stokers # is 1800 chewers

Okay, pipeman. How is Cotton Boll to smoke? Is it smooth enough? Taste?

Puff puff,

Well I've turned a number of people on to it:) A friend who's mainly a
PA in a cob smoker describes it as creamy. I would describe it as very
dry - not a hint of sweetness - with an earthy tang. To be honest
without the kick it might not have any charms for me. It is a truely
plain tobacco - no additives, no processing. It does have quite a bit
of flavor in the undertone, but is also kind of bland - like a natural
flavored burley. It is strong enough to put some kick in a blend, but
I prefer it straight. 5brothers, is reminiscent, but smoother, and no
more than half the strength. A small twist ic cheap, and goes along
way because its fluffy, slow burning, and sometimes it will put you
down on the tenth puff. If you like your tobacco strong its a must
try. If you want to know what truely plain tobacco is like, its also a
must try. If you are just looking for a civil war era tobacco, stick
to 5bros.