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To all that will listen!!!!
TOO EXPENSIVE. Neals explanation is right on the money! I have been
smoking and collecting fine pipes for over thirty years and have owned
and gotten rid of more poorly made bags then I care to remember. When I
first layed hands on one of Neals work of art, I had to have one. Then
I started to get rid of all the rest. I have owned five of his bags in
every size. One unfortunatly was stolen out of my vehicle with twenty
Roushs in it in Nov. 04. There is no finer pipe bag being made on this
planet. Form meets function. Every bag he makes is worth your hard
earned money. You should wrap those collectable pipes in something just
as collectable. And something that will protect them from life. I love
my bags that Neal crafts and anyone who is smart and can afford them
should own one...or five!

Sagiter wrote:
> I know I shouldn't do this but I'm going to ask the question anyway, What do
> the words "way too expensive" mean to you ? You've said it before and I let
> it slide but I'm really interested. Does this mean too expensive for you ?
> That I charge too much for my work ? Is this some comparison between my bags
> and other bags you've seen of similar quality ? I assume that before you've
> made the comment that you've examined my bags in hand and have come to the
> conclusion that I'm charging too much, have you ? I've noted in previous
> threads you've talked about all the bags you recommend and use and then
> replace. Have you added up the cost ?
> I certainly understand that you don't like my bags. I certainly would never
> question your taste. My bags are certainly not for everybody. I didn't
> design them nor do I make them for everybody. My pipe bags, briefcases,
> portfolios are made for people who love fine things, good leather,
> handcrafting and particularly for those who like the idea of buying
> something ONCE that with care will last them a lifetime and still look and
> operate as good if not better than the day they laid down their money. One
> time. They are made for those who have all owned 5 or 6 pipe bags that
> never quite did the trick and that combined costs way more than one of my
> bags. Ever try fitting a JT Cooke pipe in a store bought pipe bag, good
> luck. How about one of those monster sized Danish freehands ? I started
> making bags because I couldn't find a pipe bag on the market that I would
> put my pipes in. Not one. They were all poorly designed made of cheap
> leather or vinyl, stuffed with every conceivable stiffener. Just pure crap.
> Too, I am not talking about how well your toiletries bag or photographers
> bag holds you stack of pipes and tobacco, I'm talking about a functional
> well designed and thought out pipe bag. One that protects your pipes, feels
> good and is designed to hold those troublesome things like tampers, pipe
> cleaners and tins of tobacco in every shape and size.
> My bags are hand cut from full hides. I use no stiffeners, fillers or
> padding other than leather. The outer shells of my bags are premium chrome
> or veg-tanned leather no less than 4.5 to 5 oz (each oz. is appx. 1/64
> inches of cowhide or bison). The ultimate pipe bags are usually made from
> 6 - 9 oz leather. They are laced with kangaroo or water buffalo, arguably
> two of the strongest leathers on earth. Outer stitching is done with 6
> stranded linen that you can hang from. Linings are all done with North
> American buckskin or elk and a softer more loving leather can't be found.
> Although I have in the past hand stitched my lining pockets I now do them on
> a machine. I could use any thread but I choose 138 sized poly. I could hang
> someone from that too. I use premium nylon zippers (I don't use brass, don't
> like cutting teeth near my pipes). All other hardware is brass or coated
> brass or stainless steel. I don't use zinc or tin. My bags are made using
> the same techniques and saddles used in premium hand done saddles.
> Lastly, my bags may also very well be the only pipe bag designed by a pipe
> smoker that I can see. I look at other pipe bags and wonder what if any
> thought went into them. I make and sell them with the pride of a craftsman
> who understands that something made well and of the finest materials
> available should last and give pleasure to the owner and his children for
> generations. I am proud to continue in a craft that has served my country
> and the world well over centuries of time and when I hear that one of my
> briefcases is being passed on to a new generation, that makes me proud and I
> know that one day my pipe bags will be passed to a new generation. I
> understand that more and more we live in a disposable world, VCR craps out,
> buy a new one. I like the idea that my work is not disposable, that one day
> a father will look at his son or daughter, place one of my pipe bags in
> their hands and say that it's yours now, take care of it and one day pass it
> along to my grandchild.
> So again, when you say "way too expensive" to what are you comparing my work
> ?
> I'm just wondering.
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> Neil Flancbaum
> Craftsman
> Home of the Ultimate Pipe Bag
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> >> these are wonderful bags. I have heard nothing but wonderful things
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> > i think those are too big and way too expensive.
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