Re: Drying out tobacco in the microwave

I have used the microware many times on tobacco that's too damp.
Through trial and error I've learned some lessons about microwaving
tobacco. When I do microwave it I use these simple steps:
1. Place an ounce on a paper towel or paper plate
2. Put the tobacco inside the microwave and nuke it for up to 15
seconds on high if leave it stand inside the microwave for another
minute with the microwave off.
3. Check to see if it's dry enough. If it still isn't dry enough I
repeat steps 2 & 3 until you reach the desired moisture content.

I've found that this works well with cheap damp sticky aromatics and
the most I've ever repeated the steps was 4 times. The key I found is
the waiting before nunking it again or nuking it longer cause it's
really easy to over bake it and make the tobacco so dry that it turns
to dust when you touch it.